About Us

360 Forest Products Inc. operates a wholesale business in eastern North Carolina which purchases standing timber in its operating region and sells the harvested product primarily to international companies that manufacture paper, lumber, or other wood products.

Our Area

We conduct our operations throughout eastern North Carolina (from the coast into the piedmont), and into southeastern Virginia and northeastern South Carolina.

What We Do

360 Forest Products Inc. has experienced forest managers working throughout our area. Our forest managers will evaluate the timber on the property and manage harvesting to optimize return. We contract with and depend on logging businesses in our region to cut and extract the timber from the tracts purchased at a pace necessary to fulfill the contracts that we have with our customers.

Our Policy

We certify that all wood harvesting and removal will be done in compliance with the State Forestry Best Management Practices and with the American Forest and Paper Association Sustainable Forestry Initiative ("SFI"), including state sponsored logger education, as defined in the State Sustainable Forestry Implementation Committee in the state in which harvesting is done. 360 Forest Products shall keep evidence of a notice of noncompliance, as well as such evidence of compliance including copies of SFI training/education certificates and self assessment check lists as are required.

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